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Love and Fear are at the heart of everything we do, say and think.

I’m not the first person to make that statement, but my 19 year journey from Fear to Love has proven it to be incontrovertibly true.

Which is why I invite you to Lobby4Love with me, and consider the power play between Love and Fear in your own life.


Bianca Bowers

Hi, I’m Bianca. Founder of Lobby4Love, author, mother, wife, immigrant, terminal thinker, and master secret keeper. 19 years ago, I attempted suicide twice in 4 days. Phew. Fear has been keeping that secret, but it’s time for Love to release it.

While many reasons contributed to my drastic decision, it was the lethal combination of severe depression and drug abuse that finally pushed me over the edge.

People talk about hitting rock bottom, but for me it was a bottomless pit of despair. My mental state was so dire that even a palm reader rejected me, saying that she could only see death and darkness.

Four months later I immigrated from South Africa to New Zealand with a few personal belongings, and began the long process of healing. They say that needs must when the devil drives, and that was certainly the case for me. With no money for professional help, I had no choice but to dig deep and trust that something greater than myself would guide me in the right direction. And that is exactly what happened. After going cold turkey and detoxing my body, I began my journey into Body, Mind and Spirit.

19 years later, this secret neither haunts me, nor informs my identity, but it remains the inciting incident that continues to inspire me to be, do, say, and think better. 19 years later, the raging power struggle between Fear and Love has ceased, and Love is back in the driving seat.


So, what has this got to do with you? Nothing at all on the face of it. My heart has called me to share my experiences for many years, but fear has always stopped me. Until now. With the final pieces of my 19 year  puzzle falling into place, I feel impassioned and obliged to heed that call, and Lobby4Love is my vehicle for doing just that.


My motto is: 

Knowledge is power
Applying knowledge is empowerment
Sharing knowledge empowers others

And it is my intention to: 

  • Provide an ever-evolving practical guide to holistic living.
  • Help people recognise the power play between Love and Fear in their own lives.



An individual’s life is an interconnected chain between Body, Mind, Spirit and Planet. A chain that achieves balance through Love (Awareness and Action), and suffers imbalance through conditioned Fear (Lack of Awareness and Apathy).


What you can expect to find here…

I’ll be sharing many personal stories and insight, as well as on-the-go-learning about Body, Mind, Spirit and Planet.

Thanks for visiting,

Bianca @lobby4love 

Fear vs Love

Fear vs Love

Fear vs Love

Fear is supposed to be a survival mechanism.

An internal alarm designed to protect us in life-and-death situations. You could say that fear is organic in its purest form.

But, somewhere along the hike from infancy to adulthood, that organic fear is modified and becomes an instrument in our conditioning. Conditioned Fear is inorganic – GMO even. Unlike its organic roots, conditioned fear makes us prisoners of our own minds, and has a long list of side-effects. For instance:

  • Conditioned Fear makes us doubt ourselves
  • Conditioned Fear makes us worry about (and keep up) appearances
  • Conditioned Fear makes us defensive, mistrustful, cynical and angry
  • Conditioned Fear immobilises us
  • Conditioned Fear resists change, growth and personal evolution
  • Conditioned Fear disconnects us from our authentic and intuitive selves
©️2017 Bianca Bowers

But, worst of all, conditioned fear ultimately distances us from LOVE.

And LOVE, like its fear counterpart, is organic in its purest form. 🌱

And it is this organic love (and fear) that #lobby4love strives to preserve! Because if we allow ourselves to grow inorganically in the garden of conditioned fear, then we will ultimately suffer in the long run from unwanted side-effects, and live a life full of toxicity.



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