Love More, Fear Less

Fear Hoards, Love Recycles




Fear is a classic hoarder

Fear holds onto all of our negative experiences and associations, like a hoarder stores junk. It could be emotional junk. It could a friendship or relationship that no longer serves us. It could be a grudge, or resentment, or regret. It could be any number of things. If you think of fear (and the related issues) as physical hoarding, you will appreciate how it is both unhealthy and a cause of unwanted (and unnecessary) clutter.

Sometimes we hold onto these things even when we have proof that the situation has changed, and it’s in our best interest to release it. That is fear. Afraid to release, because it aligns release with loss.

Love understands the benefit of recycling

Love, on the other hand, has a different perspective. Love understands that holding on and hoarding will continue to clutter your emotional space until such time as you are forced to release it. Love’s promise is that in order to make space for a new opportunity/relationship etc. it is essential to release the old, limiting ways/relationship etc.

Thought of the day

Fear Hoards, Love Recycles

Today, try to think about something that you’re holding onto like a hoarder, and ask yourself if it’s time to release and make space for something new.


Bianca Bowers


Until next time,

Bianca  ❤️✌️



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