Love More, Fear Less

Feeling vs Fearing


Fear vs Love 

What does that mean?

Does choosing love mean that you ignore your fear, or repress it, or try to beat it by thinking positive? No way. It doesn’t. Positive thinking is null and void if that means burying your head in the sand. Positive thinking without action only exacerbates the problem, and results in disappointment.

In order to choose love, you need to connect with, and courageously feel your emotions. It’s no good pretending your fear isn’t there. It is there. It’s there for a reason. And if you’re smart, you will learn from it.


I have come to understand that balance is the secret ingredient to everything.

When it comes to love vs fear, it’s important to distinguish between fearing (and by extension repressing) our feelings, versus feeling our feelings. It’s not only important, but crucial, to move through all of our emotions as opposed to ignoring/repressing/pretending otherwise, because the latter approach causes greater problems and a greater disconnection with ourselves and our intuition.

Thought of the Day


Feeling vs fearing-this is love’s ultimate balance.


Bianca Bowers

Until next time,

Bianca  ❤️✌️

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