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Lobby4Love Until Old Habits Die

©️2017 Bianca Bowers

Old Habits Die Hard

My 2017 resolution was to take action against my negative internal dialogue by keeping a daily thought journal. The first thing I noticed was an increase in self-awareness, and, as the days went on, I found myself thinking less negative thoughts and writing less in my journal. About a week in, I decided to read back what I’d written.

It shocked me so much that I wrote this poem:


There are demons in my head

but I have only just seen their faces

on the page

My own words, reserved for self,

staring back with 

seasoned hatred, with

jagged cruelty

They say things  

I wouldn’t utter 

to enemies

So, why then

is it acceptable to treat 


this way?


That moment of realisation left me in no doubt that I had been sharing space with an internal assassin for too long, and I wanted to do more and perhaps help others in the process. A week later, I created the hashtag, #lobby4love, and started writing daily quotes that inspired people to choose love over fear.


<<Unsure what LOVE vs FEAR means? Read an explanation HERE>>


©️2017 Bianca Bowers

Change your perspective, change your life.

It may sound simplistic, but it really works. Monitoring your own thoughts, words, and actions is the most effective way to eventually change said thoughts, words, and actions.

Changing your perspective is not an overnight phenomenon. In many cases people are unaware that their perspective is fear-based. Understanding and changing your perspective is a journey that requires daily practice and perseverance. In my case, I struggled with this negative internal dialogue for the whole of my adult life (and my teens), but it was only after noting down my thoughts that I realised how destructive those thoughts were. And that process of writing my thoughts down raised my awareness and kept me accountable in the days, weeks and months that I worked toward dismantling that negative perspective.

In essence, changing your perspective requires to you re-train your brain so that you start viewing life/people/situations from a different (more loving/forgiving and less judgemental) perspective.

Not to say that you bury your head in the sand (read that post HERE), but rather raise your awareness and dismantle your negative conditioning.

Do you have trouble choosing Love over Fear? I recently wrote a post called Love vs Fear: What’s Your Perspective? In addition to talking you through how to identify your default (or dominant) perspective, it also offers 3 simple steps to raising your self-awareness.


Bianca Bowers

Until next time,

Bianca  ❤️✌️


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