Love More, Fear Less

Lobby4Love vs Fear

©️2017 Bianca Bowers

Fear is supposed to be a survival mechanism.

An internal alarm designed to protect us in life-and-death situations. You could say that fear is organic in its purest form.

But, somewhere along the hike from infancy to adulthood, that organic fear is modified and becomes an instrument in our conditioning. Conditioned Fear is inorganic – GMO even. Unlike its organic roots, conditioned fear makes us prisoners of our own minds, and has a long list of side-effects. For instance:

  • Conditioned Fear makes us doubt ourselves
  • Conditioned Fear makes us worry about (and keep up) appearances
  • Conditioned Fear makes us defensive, mistrustful, cynical and angry
  • Conditioned Fear immobilises us
  • Conditioned Fear resists change, growth and personal evolution
  • Conditioned Fear disconnects us from our authentic and intuitive selves
©️2017 Bianca Bowers #lobby4love

But, worst of all, conditioned fear ultimately distances us from LOVE.

And LOVE, like its fear counterpart, is organic in its purest form. 🌱

And it is this organic love (and fear) that #lobby4love strives to preserve! Because if we allow ourselves to grow inorganically in the garden of conditioned fear, then we will ultimately suffer in the long run from unwanted side-effects, and live a life full of toxicity.