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Fear Hoards, Love Recycles

Fear Hoards, Love Recycles

    Fear is a classic hoarder Fear holds onto all of our negative experiences and associations, like a hoarder stores junk. It could be emotional junk. It could a friendship or relationship that no longer serves us. It could be a grudge, or resentment, […]

Feeling vs Fearing

Feeling vs Fearing

Fear vs Love  What does that mean? Does choosing love mean that you ignore your fear, or repress it, or try to beat it by thinking positive? No way. It doesn’t. Positive thinking is null and void if that means burying your head in the […]

There are no wrong turns

There are no wrong turns


There are no wrong turns, says Love

I have been using my GPS a lot recently, and it struck me while I was driving today that there are no wrong turns in life. Just like a GPS re-routes you when you take a wrong turn, so will life re-route and readjust to get you back on track.

Fear will tell you otherwise

Sure, your fear may kick in initially by slamming on the brakes and panicking as if all is lost. But, once you take a moment to breathe and allow love to chime in, you will see that everything is in hand.

Personal Insights

To give you an example from my own life. Yesterday I did something drastic and deleted my Instagram and Facebook Accounts. And even though I put a lot of thought into deletion and I knew it was the right decision, I still had a bit of a knee-jerk reaction this morning. Mostly because I had expended a lot of time and energy into those accounts, and deleting those profiles feels a lot like deleting a part of myself.

However, after thinking it through again, I remembered how I deleted my LinkedIn account a few years ago when I closed my resume writing business. I remembered that that too was a big decision. I remembered that I had also put years of time and effort into that account. But in retrospect I see that it was absolutely the right thing to do. And, most importantly, it has not been missed. Which only confirms that deletion was the final piece of that particular personal cycle . Something that needed to be released so that I could move onto a new cycle without any baggage.

Thinking back about that today has helped me see that I have made the right decision, and there is no need to mope around or second guess myself. I have made my decision and now my internal GPS is re-routing me toward my next cycle. Onward and upward as the saying goes.

So, today’s thought of the day is:

Trust your intuition like you trust your GPS and know that there is no such thing as a wrong turn, or choice, or decision that cannot be corrected with your next set of turns, choices and decisions.


Peace out,

Bianca Bowers

Bianca @lobby4love ✌️❤️

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